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Celebrate Maryland Archaeology Month with a webinar series exploring timely subjects like getting a job in archaeology, the recent relic hunting craze, and discoveries related to historic disease and wellness. We are proud to partner with University of Maryland, Preservation Maryland, and the Maryland Historical Trust for these discussions and thank them for their generous time and support. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information!

April 8, 7-8:30pm: How Do I Get a Job in Archaeology These Days? Hosted by University of Maryland, moderated by Jessica Brannock, M.A. Register here

This conversation with young professionals currently working in the field will explore the good, the bad, and ugly about pursuing archaeology as a career. We’ll discuss the benefits and pitfalls of an advanced degree, the power of your network, and the tenacity needed to stick with archaeology for the long haul. Come prepared with questions for employees of cultural resource management (CRM), government, archaeology labs, and academia.

Panelists: Dr. Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels, Cultural and Heritage Resource Management Program Chair, University of Maryland; Sarah Janesko, M.A.A., Assistant Project Manager, Veterans Curation Program; Katie Boyle, M.A.A., Cultural Resources Specialist, National Park Service C&O Canal National Historic Park; Brett Arnold, M.S., Project Archaeologist, Applied Archaeology & History Associates

April 15, 1-2:30pm: Finding Common Ground: Can Relic Hunters and Archaeologists Work Together? Hosted by Preservation Maryland, moderated by Craig Lukezic and Jessica Feldt Register here  

Relic hunting has exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic with families looking for socially distanced, outdoor activities. Most of these history-lovers are unaware that sensitive historic sites might be damaged in the process. Meanwhile, archaeologists are alarmed by the damage but rarely reach out to the relic hunting community to find productive alternatives to what they see as "looting”. It’s time to talk about it! Join a panel of archaeologists and avocationalists for a civil conversation about positive ways to discover the marvels of the past. 

Panelists: Dr. Matt McKnight, Chief Archaeologist, Maryland Historical Trust; Dr. Matt Reeves, Director of Archaeology, Montpelier; Claude Bowen, President, Archaeological Society of Maryland; Scott Clark, Published Amateur Archaeologist and Detectorist.

April 22, 2-3pm: The Archaeology of Healing and Medicine. Hosted by Maryland Historical Trust, moderated by Cassandra Michaud, M.A. Register here

The timely topic of Maryland Archeology Month 2021 explores our human response to disease and wellness through time. Join a panel of archaeologists to learn about their fascinating discoveries in small remnants of plants, the bottom of privies, and seventeenth century trash piles. Their stories are touching, humorous, and bizarre!    

Panelists: Justine McKnight, Archaeobotanical Consultant, LLC; Silas Hurry, Retired, former Curator of Collections and Archaeological Laboratory Director for Historic St. Mary’s City; Dr. Patricia Samford, Director, Maryland Archaeological Conservation (MAC) Laboratory.